Beverley, general notes

The line back stops at Francis, father of Francis b 1785

The name Francis Beverley is fairly unusual.

The name Andrew (son of Frances b 1785) leads to slight poss of a Scottish connection.

There are a lot of Beverleys around Aberdeen

Beverleys on the 1841 census
Oldest is Samuel, b 1766 Norfolk, and Sarah, b Yorkshire
Most are born Yorkshire, but also

Genes Reunited parish bap. search.
Must be very spotty bec doesn't show the east riding Beverleys
No Yorkshire in early records. Mostly Cambridgeshire
First Yorkshire.
John, b 11 Sept 1691, Abraham from Soyland, bap Elland in Ripponden, West Riding.
1760s, some more there, then...
Some in Halifax going on into the 1800s
Then Huddersfield

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