Melbourne, Derbyshire

A Francis was born here in the mid 18th century
spouse: Ann Metcalf
marriage: 01 Mar 1788 - Whitby, York, England

John, b 1746 (from burial below.)
William 1756 (died 1813 5 7)

Francis, 17th May 1767, Thomas and Rachel
Dec 25th 1783 m Elizabeth in Melbourne, c055591
(Don't know where I got this from!)

Thomas 1786 William and Sarah
Hannah (nee?) 1755 (died 1825 70)
Sarah (nee?) 1759 (died 1835)

1791 Sarah Bev m Wiliam Ward
1804 John B m Hannah Breaks
1811 Elizabeth B m Michael Rudkin
1814 Mary B m Wiliam Winfield
1817 Thomas B m Mary Padgett
1845 Sarah M m George Hastle, d of William Bev.
Or George Astell.

George d 1801
Hannah d 1801
George 1821 aged 75

1861 census, William aged 54

There are late 19th cen ones in Newbold, Derb and other places

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