Court Hayes

Court Hayes, an elegant 18th century house with the old medieval one still standing nearby.

Family home of the Court family. Special. Family is very old and rich from tin mines. Title is a barony, Delacourt.

The 15th Lord Delacourt died in December 1815 leaving three daughters.
By his first wife, Elizabeth Graves, a local lady, Sarah Elizabeth, known as Sally 23.
By his second wife, Calpurnia Pauncefoot-Gore, Livia 17 and Julia 19.

Their father refused to try to get a higher peerage until he had a son.

Calpurnia is the daughter of Viscount Orme and considers herself very grand, though the family is house rich, but rather poor. She likes being mistress of Court Hayes and when it's hard to establish the heir, she hopes to stay on indefinitely. The heir is identified as Barnabas Court, son of a lawyer in Cumberland, location unknown. Not known if he's alive or dead.

In diplomatic service. On mission to China.

Finally communicates in September 1817. Dismisses Carpurnia's insistance that he has no real right to evict them. Says they can stay, but he and his mother and sister will arrive in a few weeks.