Prices and Cost of Living

Dinner in Leeds inn, 1816:
2/6, excellent and included a pint of wine.

Times Dec 1817:
cost of landau and harness for two horses, 394
pair of 7 yr old geldings, 90 fns
cob horse, 35 fns
6 yr old mare, 35gns
Black china crapes, 7/6 a yd.

Court case, 1814:
"she asked for an ounce of tea and a pound of lump sugar; it came to 2 s. 8 d."

From account of a theft, 1817:
diamond necklace, c 10,000 pounds
pearl necklace w 37 pearls, c 3000 pounds.

July 1817, sovereign announced 20 shillings.

From "The Whole Art of Dress":
Best superfine black or blue dress coat, 4 pounds
Trowsers 2 pound 2 s
Kerseymere waistcoat 1 pound 1 s.