Skylark tells the story of Laura Gardeyne and Stephen Ball.
It opens on 7th Oct 1816.

Sir Stephen Ball 1790.
Thin, blond, heavy-lidded eyes. "The Political Dandy"

Father, Sir Theophilus Ball.
Ancross Manor.
Sister Fanny is a bluestocking.
younger sister, Charlotte.
MP for Barham.

m Laura Gardeyne, nee Watcombe.
Father, Samuel Watcombe.
Mother Agatha.
Home near Blandford Forum. Dorset. Devon? Merrymead.
Has brothers and sisters.

Juliet, m Robert Fancourt, high in the Home Office.

m Hal Gardeyne.
Caldfort House, Berkshire?
his brother, Jack Gardeyne, wife Emma, three girls, sporting type.
Vicar of St. Edwin's and St. Cecils Cald St. Edwins.
has child, Harry Gardeyne (not yet 3), his nursemaid is Nan.
dog, Bouncer.

More info on the book is available here: Skylark