St Raven

St Raven tells the story of Cressida Mandeville and Tristan Tregallows.
It opens in summer 1816.

Tristan Hugh Tregallows, b 1787. Duke of St. Raven.

Dark hair and blue eyes. Tall and strong, but with fine boned elegance in his features.
became duke in 1815, just after Waterloo.
nephew of old duke, raised by him from the age of 12.
Old duke was a rake who raised him that way and didn't think he should have friends outside of the nobility.
Father Lord Nigel Tregallows, army, d 1801.
Mother, officer's daughter, Cynthia Hughes. d 1801.
Their home Cornhallows, Somerset.
Horse, Caesar.
Duke's house, 5 Upper Jasper Street.
Sec Leatherholme.
Friend Caradoc Lyne, strapping blond Adonis -- "Cary".
Friend Don Gilchrist. clever, amiable, plump. Home Office?

Plays part of Le Corbeau, a highwayman.

villain Viscount Crofton, won Stokeley Manor in Cambridgeshire at cards.

St Raven's Mount, Cornwall.
Tris's house, Nuns' Chase, near Buntingford Herts.

Cressida Mandeville.
A little plump, good ankles, graceful. Gray eyes, long straight brown hair
May 1817, her parents have returned to India.

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