If Fancy be the Food of Love...

If Fancy be the Food of Love... was first published in A Regency Valentine, Walker, 1991 hardcover [0802711316], which is hard to find.
A Regency Valentine was reissued in paperback by Fawcett, Feb 1992 [0449220818][even harder to find a readable copy!].
Both of the above editions are long out-of-print...

An extensively rewritten version of the story is now available in the Jo Beverley Regency Valentines e-collection, 2nd Feb 2015.

When the widowed Mrs. Trent invited four young ladies to stay with her, she did not know Cupid would be one of the guests. But what else can one expect when one lives in the village of Valentine Parva?

Among Mrs. Trent's guests are Juno, whose strong principles and bluestocking ways seem too great a challenge for any man. But she had a romantic heart -- and love finds a way.

Chart Ashby, (who appeared in Emily and the Dark Angel, and is brother to Chloe of The Stanforth Secrets) has to fulfill a deathbed promise and make sure Miss Juno Rathbone is happy in her spinsterish state. The trouble is, she isn't, and his attempts to help her threaten his happy bachelor days.

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