Forbidden Affections

Forbidden Affections was first published in A Spring Bouquet, Zebra, 1st May 1996 [0821753096]. It was reissued in Mar 2000 [0821766120].
This novella is also available in another anthology, An Invitation To Sin, Zebra, Feb 2011 trade [9781420112382], Feb 2011 paperback [9781420122473].
Set in the Regency period.

Anna Featherstone is just sixteen and should never even encounter a person like the wicked Earl of Carne, but when she discovers a secret door, she can't resist exploring, especially when the door and all about it comes straight out of her favourite gothic novel.

Thus she does meet the wicked earl, and when he tries to seduce her, he doesn't know what's hit him. Literally!

Anna's been struck, too, however. By his fatal charm...

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