A Scandalous Countess

A Scandalous Countess was first published on 1st Feb 2012 by Signet [9780451236043].
It became available as an e-book, 31st Mar 2012.
"A Rouge Regency Romance" e-book edition was published on 14th Oct 2013 by Ebury Digital in the UK and Australia.
An audio edition was published on 25th Oct 2022 by Tantor Media [9781666130621] for download only.

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Georgia, Countess of Maybury has it all, but then her husband is killed in a duel and she loses her homes, most of her possessions, and her reputation as well. Innocent of all charges, she returns to the beau monde determined to regain all through a second brilliant marriage, but a scarred ex-naval officer threatens to tempt her in a different direction.

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