The Raven and the Rose

The Raven and the Rose was first published in Chalice of Roses, Signet Eclipse, 1st Jan 2010 [9780451229021] trade.
This novella became available as a stand-alone e-book, Mar 2014.
Set in the Medieval period [middle ages], close to Glastonbury, the heart of Grail mythology.

Read chapter one here.

Sister Gledys of Rosewell was sinning again. She can't stop her dreams about a handsome knight, nor the feelings stirred by them. When an old woman and a raven summon her to leave her convent to find her knight, she's challenged to sin in an even greater way. But if she's to believe the message, only she and he together can summon the Holy Grail and bring peace to a country devastated by civil war.

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