The Devil's Heiress

The Devil's Heiress was first published on 1st Aug 2001 by Signet [0451202546].
It was reprinted on 1st Jan 2006 [0451217969].
It is also available as part of "3 guys called George" in the omnibus edition Three Heroes by NAL, 1st Jun 2004 [9780451212009].
It became available as an e-book, 1st Feb 2006.
An audio edition was published by Recorded Books in 2002 on cassette [1402521464] no pic; in 2002 on CD [1436179882]; and 6th Aug 2010 for download [9781449840860].

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Major "Hawk" Hawkinvale has reluctantly returned home after ten years of war. He longs for his ancient Sussex home, but his despised father is still alive there. Upon his return, however, he finds matters are even worse. To pursue a family title, Squire Hawkinville has mortgaged Hawkinville Manor to a wealthy industrialist who will soon own it, tear it down, and built a modern villa in its place.

There is one way out. The title his father has won at such cost is Viscount Deveril, and foul "Lord Devil" had died possessed of a fortune. It will go to pay the squire's debts if Hawk can prove that the inheritor, a trollop who had been prepared to marry Deveril, had played a part in his violent death. His investigations reveal a very complex picture, however, threatening to hurt some of the people he most cares for in the world. And soon one of them is Clarissa Greystone, the Devil's Heiress.

"Head and shoulders above the usual Regency fare, this novel's sensitive prose, charismatic characters and expert plotting will keep readers enthralled from first page to last." -- Publisher's Weekly

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