The Lord of Elphindale

The Lord of Elphindale was first published on 1st Jan 1998 by Zebra in the anthology Faery Magic [0821758179].
It was reissued in Apr 2001 by Kensington [1575663791] and Sep 2006 by Zebra [0821780913]. All three editions are out of print.

This novella is now available in the Faery Weddings e-book anthology, 12th Jul 2015.

Read an excerpt of this story here.

Gwen Forsythe is startled, to put it mildly, to be told that she's part Faerie, and that it is her duty to marry into the human family of Elphinson to strengthen the Faerie bond there. It's not that she doesn't want to marry Sir Andrew Elphinson, her childhood friend, but Drew doesn't care for her, and is about to offer for another lady. Can she really seduce him at Faery's command? She may have no choice.

Set in the Regency period.

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