Forbidden was first published on 1st Mar 1994 by Zebra [0821744887].
It was reissued in Dec 2003 [0821775995] and Jun 2011 [9781420120547].
It became available as an e-book, Oct 2013; and with a revised cover, Aug 2019 [9781614174882].

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The death of her husband has freed Serena Riverton from life as an abused sex-object, but now her brothers plan to force her into another similar marriage. Fleeing, she is helped by Francis, Lord Middlethorpe. A passionate encounter leaves her pregnant, but no keener on marriage than before. He is virtually committed to marrying a sweet-natured lady. They marry anyway, and struggle to make something of their lives amid the disapproval of all around them.

Sensual. (Please note. There are references to the heroine's previous sexually abusive marriage that some people may find disturbing.)

"Nobody does Regency better than Jo Beverley, and this latest tale adds to the argument that she may just be the best." -- Rendezvous
"Ms. Beverley breaks just about every rule in the book and makes us beg for more in this enthralling love story. A fabulous dreamspinner, Ms. Beverley is well on her way to becoming one of the great names of the romance genre." -- Romantic Times

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