The Trouble with Heroes

The Trouble with Heroes won the Sapphire Award for Best Science Fiction Romance, short form, 2004.

The Trouble with Heroes was first published in Irresistible Forces, NAL, Feb 2004 [0451211111] trade. It was reissued in paperback by Signet in Jan 2006 [0451217241].
This novella became available as a stand-alone e-book, 27th Apr 2013.

Read an excerpt of this story here.

The people of Gaia think themselves blessed to be living on the most perfect colony world ever discovered, even if there is a strange energy force that occasionally destroy people. Only very occasionally. Rarely, really. Until now. Now, the entire population is threatened and all the obvious heroes are dead.

Which leaves an unlikely hero and the woman he loves.

"'The Trouble With Heroes' is a brilliant novella" -- The Romance Reader
" imaginative and moving allegory about war: those we've fought in the past and those we may fight in the future and on far-off worlds." --
"I adored it... Beverley did a brilliant job of capturing real human emotions in an otherworldly situation." -- All About Romance
"...a moving exploration of the consequences of war and power on those who fight as well as those left behind." -- Romantic Times

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