Lord of My Heart

Lord of My Heart was a RITA finalist.

Lord of My Heart was first published on 1st Aug 1992 by Avon [0380767848].
It was reissued by Signet on 1st Oct 2002 [0451206428] and 1st Jan 2006 [0451217985].
It became available as an e-book, 1st Nov 2004.

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When William of Normandy invades England in 1066, Aimery de Vaux is in an unenviable position. His father is Norman count and Duke William is his godfather; but his mother is an English lady, and his uncle is Hereward the Wake, leader of the English resistance. Knowing his godson is torn in his allegiances, William forces a marriage with a Norman lady who has inherited estates in England. Madeleine of Baddersley finds her husband attractive, but she has excellent reason to believe him a traitor. how can she give her body or her heart to a man she cannot trust?

"An unforgettable... love story from the pen of a dream spinner extraordinaire." -- Romantic Times
"This work is a tapestry of historical detail, filled with so much depth and beauty that it not only stirs the heart but stimulates the intellect as well." -- The Anastasia Gazette

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