An Unwilling Bride

An Unwilling Bride won the RITA for Best Regency Romance at the 1993 RWA conference.
(Also: Golden Leaf Award - Historical. Romantic Times - Best Regency Romance)

An Unwilling Bride was first published on 1st Feb 1992 by Zebra [0821736698].
It may have been reprinted on 1st Feb 1994 [0821744755] -- if you have a copy, please tell me.
It was reissued in Dec 2000 [0821767240] and Sep 2011 [9781420120530].
It became available as an e-book, Jul 2013; and with a revised cover, Jan 2019 [9781614174462].

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The Duchess of Belcraven committed a folly, and bore her husband another man's child. Only a third son, however, so all was patched over. Then the two older boys drowned, leaving disaster. Now, over twenty years later, the duke discovers that he has a daughter, a child of his blood, and he compels the two to marry -- the arrogant ducal heir, devastated to learn for the first time that he is illegitimate; and the independent schoolteacher raised in the principles of the Rights of Women. Is there any common ground at all?

"Ms. Beverley is a storyteller par excellence, whose vivid and mesmerizing characters totally engage all the reader's emotions... topnotch Regency reading pleasure." -- Romantic Times

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