Naval matters

Tom, Lord Dracy from A Scandalous Countess was in the navy from age 12, so I'm making notes about 18th century naval matters. I should have read more O'Brien, I suppose.

Slang terms:

Adrift = not there when wanted.
On the beach, beached = left the navy.
Bear up! = Keep your chin up!
bilge = rubbish.
chew the fat =
Chucker up = applause, from throwing hats in the air.
copper bottomed = high quality.
Face like a sea boot = blank, grim, unattractive.
Knock seven bells out of someone = beat him up.
Scrub = to get a reprimand.
Scuppered = killed.
Sewn up = drunk.
shaky = not right, false, false measure.
ship's name, referred to the captain, e.g.
  "Find Haddock" = find the captain of the ship Haddock.
  "Find the Haddock" would refer to the ship.
shoot a line = boast.
Soft number = an easy job.
splice the mainbrace = an extra ration of rum.
sprog = new entry.
swallow the anchor = leave the navy for good.