Rosamunde Overton

Rosamunde (Rosa) Overton, nee Ellington

b ????
Scarred in a carriage accident.

Father: Ellington.
Mother: Maria Ludley.

Married: Sir Digby Overton.

Married: Lord Brand Malloren in 1763.

Cousin, through their mothers, to Diana Arradale

  Jenny, b 1763, though not acknowledged as hers.

  Housekeeper: Mrs. Monkton - as tall as Rothgar.
  Edie Onslow: wet nurse.

  Are the following Overton or Brand?
  Valet: Kenyon.
  Coachman: Porterhouse.
  Head Groom: Mr Roland Roly.
  Groom: Harry.

Heroine of Secrets of the Night.