Rothgar Abbey

Rothgar Abbey

Seat of the Marquess of Rothgar.

Location, Hampshire/Berkshire?

Originally medieval abbey, and some parts remain.
Then Elizabethan, but with Palladian facade. A maze.

Main entrance is from the south.

Double doors, marble floor to magnificently gilded hall. Reception rooms.
North wall is ivy-covered.

Tapestry room. Family room, especially in winter. Moderate size, two fireplaces.

Chain of ante rooms lead to ballroom?

Breakfast room on ground floor.

Garden room, ground floor, decorated with wallpaper of trellises and plants, then glass doors into conservatory, then to terrace, then into garden. Particular feature in My Lady Notorious.

Nurseries on 2nd floor. (Note, British style -- ground floor, first floor, second floor) Two ornate cradles.
Upper servants:
  Rothgar's Secretary: Henry Carruthers.
  Rothgar's valet: Fettler.
  lawyer: Joseph Grainger.
  Mistress Kelsey, Diana Rothgar's secretary.
  Dr. Egan, librarian and archivist.
  Dr Marshall, curator of Anglo-Saxon antiquities.
  Ingram, House Steward, thin with long nose.
  Land Steward

  Hoskins, coachman (My Lady Notorious).
  Mrs Harbinger, Nursery governess, heavy boned but great with babies.

Formal knot garden and topiary near the house.
Rolling parkland.
Peacock, deer, ha-ha to keep deer from gardens.
No gate on main entrance.
From the stables through the kitchen gardens and into the formal grounds (Devilish).

Traditionally a grand Christmas masquerade in mid December.
Christmas at Rothgar Abbey:
  Red and gold ribbons on staircase, with bells.
  Gilded nuts, oranges, singing.
  Bringing in greenery on Christmas Eve, including mistletoe.
  Cutting the Yule log.