Royal Family

Royal Family

George III

  Edward Augustus 1739-1767, Duke of York.

1st Feb 1764, in Turin, later to Rome.
Jul 17th, at Turin from Padua en route to Genoa (28th) sail to France.
Nov, he's touring England.
1764? part of proposed council of Regency.
29th Aug 1763, present when king speaks to Pitt.
Sep, to Lisbon. Arrives, 5th Oct.

  William Henry: 1743-1805, Duke of Gloucester.

1764? part of proposed council of Regency.
m 6th Sep 1766, Maria, widow of Lord Waldegrave, without brother's permission.

"The Duke was Warden of Windsor Forest and resided at Cranbourne Lodge. He was most known for his secret marriage 1766 to Maria Walpole, the Dowager Countess of Waldegrave, an illegitimate granddaughter of Sir Robert Walpole, from nearby Frogmore House. This marriage and that of his brother prompted the passing of the Royal Marriages Act 1772. They lived at St Leonard's Hill in Clewer, near Windsor, and had three children" (From Wikipedia)

Royal Households

The household of Frederick, Prince of Wales, is here.