Upper Class estates

Upper Class estates

1739, Thomas Saunderson became 3rd Earl of Scarborough.

The following from A North Country Estate by FW Beastall:

1738, he'd become Treasurer to the Household of Frederick, Prince of Wales, which brought income.
Also got a commission on fees and poundage of 12p in the pound with 1000L assured.

His wife's pin money was 1,900L. Per annum? 150L a month.
His net worth is c 17,000L.

He was getting a return of 5% on land, which was modest. Improvements would increase this.

The Yorkshire estate of 4405 acres brought in about 1,000L a year.
770 acres woods, providing most of the income (pg 83).
1750, 327L but some years had major sales. (steward got 6p on the pound for wood sold on top of 60L a year.)
662 arable held by him, + 89 acres parkland around the house.
Iron forge with 7 acres.
2 corn mills worth 52L.
A farm of 312 acres let at 36L a year but much was furze let at 2-3s a year.
A good 90 acre farm was worth 30L per annum, and a best field at 9s an acre.
Paper mill, 12L a year.

General changes in 18th century.
Deer being kept, hills raised in the park, new plantings.
Clover seed sown to improve land, furze pared and burned, turnips grown on the home farm.

1750, 776L spent on nursery garden, gardens, stables, planting trees, park, general building and repairs.
Hounds cost 43L, a new pond 93L. Gamekeeper 24L a year. Asst steward 24L a year.

Sandbeck estate improved. New offices and kitchens, new farm buildings, stables, keeper's lodge, grotto, cave, triumphal arch, and greenhouse.