An Arranged Marriage

An Arranged Marriage tells the story of Eleanor Chivenham and Nicholas Delaney.
It opens in late Apr 1815.

Nicholas Delaney, b 1790.
Nicholas Edward Martin.
dusky blond hair, gold-brown eyes, tanned, careless of fashion.

Eleanor Chivenham, grew up at Chivenham Hall, near Burton Magna, Beds.
brother Sir Lionel Chivenham.
Town house, 5 Lauriston Street.
country -- Redoaks, Somerset. Near Chard. About 12 miles from Crag Wyvern.

Arabel, gold brown eyes, b 5th Jan 1815.
Francis, b 13th Mar 1817.

Twin brother, Earl of Stainbridge, Kit.
seat Grattingly, Bedfordshire.
An Arranged Marriage was first published in Jul 1991 by Zebra [0821734555].
It was a RITA finalist.
It was reprinted in Sep 1993 [0821743023].
It was reissued in Nov 1999 [0821764012] and Mar 2014 [9781420128994].
It became available as an e-book, Jul 2013; and with a revised cover, Dec 2018 [9781614174455].

More info on the book is available here: An Arranged Marriage