Crag Wyvern

Crag Wyvern, seat of the Earl of Wyvern

Main doors face west, the small door is south, on the seaward side. Gargoyle crowned arch.

The Great Hall is entered there.

Corridors around outside with arrow slits. Hung with weaponry. Skeleton in chains -- Yorrick.

Inside corridor walls and floor are painted wood, faux stone. Hung with ornamental weapons.

Wide stairs down to the Great Hall, encrusted with weapons. Oaken Settle. Massive dark oak refectory table in middle of hall.

The earl's rooms are the Wyvern Rooms on the south. Study and bedroom (pg 72) dressing room.

The St George rooms (pg 50) with Roman bath, are kitty corner to them on the east.
St George room. George in Roman armour (pg 43). Rooms have a Roman style, with mock mosair floor and white draperies. Attached, a Roman bath. Mosaic in it of St George about to rape the virgin princess.

Chinese Room on north, golden dragons on bright red walls, black lacquered woodwork. Dressing room attached. Draperies of black silk with embroidered dragons. Large carpet with dragons on it. On the north side.

Norse rooms next door.

Ground floor. All rooms open into courtyard. Pentangle paths, fountain in middle, two trees, one a lime. Ivy on inside walls. Two benches under lime tree.

Dining room (pg 30) on north, massive dark furniture, red velvet seat and arms. Plain white walls and ceiling. Paster cornice.

Breakfast room next, smaller, French doors into courtyard. Dark furniture but white walls.

Estate office on south fairly normal, with shelves etc, oak desk carved with...

Great Hall entered through main entrance, large staircase up to first floor.
Modern drawing room next, no doors out into courtyard. One small window. Paneled walls, Chinese wallpaper, elaborate plaster ceiling.
then DR then Br. Room, then Kitchens on east side.

Top floor, two large water cisterns. Storage rooms. Ladder up to roof.
High barred windows let in a little light by day.

Skeletal maid is Ada Splint
Curate Mr. Rufflestowe. Round and polished. Interested in arcane subjects.