Allan Ingram

Allan Ingram, b 1789 d 1812
Sister, Abigail Ingram b 1792

In author's note to Forbidden, described as Commander. That's a rank between Lt. and Capt.

Died at sea in a storm, within sight of England in 1812 (aged 23).

(In Unwilling Bride desc as died in fight with a Yankee ship.)

"5.2 Royal Bounty, 1675-1822
A lump sum of one year's wages known as the Royal Bounty was payable to widows, dependant children or mothers (aged over 50) of ratings killed in action. Papers submitted to claim the bounty often include marriage and death certificates, with other documents attesting the age, relationship or poverty of the applicants."

So no pension for parents or sister.

Father is a younger son of Viscount Raikes. Becomes curate of a parish near Hull while waiting for the living connected with his father's seat to become vacant. Falls in love with a servant, marries her, and is cut off. Can only find parishes in towns, where he doesn't really understand his parishioners, but he does his best and is happy with his wife and children.

Allan joins navy at 16 and sends home money. His death breaks everyone's hearts, but also leaves them a bit short of money. 1813, father dies. Abby and mother get small pension. They move back to Hull, but it's not a comfortable fit and when her mother dies in 1814 Abby accepts an invitation from her grandfather, Lord Raikes. Once there, however, she finds she's to be the penitent for her parents' sins and she rebels. She leaves to earn her own living in Birmingham.