Forbidden tells the story of Serena Riverton and Francis Haile. It opens in late Nov 1815.

Francis Haile, Viscount Middlethorpe, b 1790.
seat, Thorpe Priory, Hampshire "an arrow straight drive edged with arrow straight poplars".
Came into title at 12.
Mother is Cordelia nee Hurstman.
Aunt is Arabella Hurstman, who knows the Dowager Countess of Cawle.
Her house is Patchem's Cottage, Summer St Martin's, near Marlborough.
sister Amy (Amelia) b 1795.
m 1714, Peter Lavering.
Groom Kipling.
Valet, Grisholme.
Butler at Priory, Dibbert.

Serena Riverton b 1792 nee Allbright.
Family home, Grove House, Sussex.
Brothers, Tom and Will, beefy.
She was sold at 15 for 30,000.
Threatened with Samuel Seale.
Matthew Riverton's house was Stokely Manor.
Mother Hester, who also knew Dow Countess of Cawle.
  Emma Elizabeth, b 10th Aug 1816.
Forbidden was first published in Mar 1994 by Zebra [0821744887].
It was reissued in Dec 2003 [0821775995] and Jun 2011 [9781420120547].
It became available as an e-book, Oct 2013; and with a revised cover, Aug 2019 [9781614174882].

More info on the book is available here: Forbidden