The Dragon's Bride

The Dragon's Bride tells the story of Susan Kerslake and Con Sommerford.
It opens in May 1816.

Con Sommerford, Viscount Amleigh, short dark hair, gray eyes.
A mother and 2 sisters.

Susan Kerslake -- later Kerslake Sommerford. d of Isabelle Kerslake, Lady Belle, mistress of Melchisadeck Clyst, smuggling master of the Dragon's Horde.
Her brother, David Kerslake, the earldom's estate manager. 23.

Baby Mar 1817, George.

1816, Mel Clyst is caught and sent to Botany Bay. Lady Belle goes with him, taking all the Dragon Horde's assets.
The Earldom of Wyvern, seat Crag Wyvern, Devon. Looms over Dragon's Cove, which is based on the village of Beer.

Desc of Church Wyverne (pg90).

Dragon's Cove. George and Dragon. New innkeeper is Rachel Clyst, Mel's cousin, as wide as she was tall.

Crag Wyvern, 200 years old and built to look like a medieval fortress.

When Con inherits, there's no money.

Local smugglers. Blackstock Gang to the west. Tom Merriwether's Boys to the east. Both bad.

Boatmen (work for preventive officers). Saul Cogley (a bad shot). Tom Bridgelow.
Local names, from 1858 directory:
Bartlett, Cawley, Mutter, Rowe, Stagg, Tizzard, Gibbs, Aplin, Searle, Restorick, Northcott,Star, Drake, Marston Oke, Coates.

Some info on Lace making.

The Dragon's Bride was first published on 1st May 2001 by Signet [9780451203588].
It was a RITA finalist.
It was reprinted on 1st Jan 2006 [9780451217950].
A trade edition was published by Signet Eclipse in Aug 2011 [9780451233400].
It is also available as part of "3 guys called George" in the omnibus edition "Three Heroes" by NAL [9780451212009] 1st Jun 2004.
[All four covers are shown below]

More info on the book is available here: The Dragon's Bride