The Demon's Mistress

The Demon's Mistress tells the story of Maria Celestin and George Vandeimen.
It opens in Apr 1816.

Van is a friend of Darien's (Lady Beware).

George William Vandeimen, b Oct 15th 1790. Lord Vandeimen, barony.
classic features, bright blond hair, scarred right cheek.
Valet Noons.

Father died May 1815. Mother and younger sister d of 'flu a bit later. Older sister died in childbirth Oct 1815.

Steynings Park, modern Palladian house, but not well designed.
Maria Celestin, nee Dunpott Ffyfe b 1782, widowed Mar 1815.
Distant connection of the Duke of Yeovil. Often visited Long Chart when young.
Husband Maurice Celestin. Belgian. He swindled Van's father out of his fortune with shady investment advice.
Made a lot from supplying the army -- with shoddy goods.
Byzantine, with oval face and long nose, firm lips and blue-gray eyes. Soft dark blond curls. Sleek elegance.
Called The Golden Lily.

Aunt Harriette lives with her.

Niece. Natalie Florence, b 1800, short, curly hair. Prob Maurice's child by his cousin Clarette.
Daughter, Georgie, "recent" May 1817 -- Mar?

Aunt Henriette Coombs, in her 50s, plump. Has 3 children.

The Demon's Mistress is a novella first published in Mar 2001 by Signet in the anthology "In Praise of Younger Men" [0451203801].
It was a RITA finalist.
It is available as part of "3 guys called George" in the omnibus edition "Three Heroes" by NAL [9780451212009] 1st Jun 2004.
It is also available as a stand-alone e-Novella from all the usual places... [All three covers are shown below]

More info on the book is available here: The Demon's Mistress