Lady Beware

Lady Beware tells the story of Thea Debenham and Horatio Cave.
It opens at Dare and Mara's betrothal ball, in May 1817.

Action throughout season, then Thea goes to Long Chart and Darien to Stours Court.

Thea goes to him in mid Aug. Wedding in early Sep.

Lady Theodosia Debenham, b 1787 (aged 20).
daughter of Duke and Duchess of Yeovil, sister of Dare Debenham.
Friends. Cousin, Lady Madeline Debenham.
Claudius (Cully) Debenam, Captain.

Horatio Raffaelo Cave -- pronounced Kah-vey -- 7th Lord Darien, b 1792.
5' 8", slender but strong. Dark brown hair, amber eyes. Burn scar along right jaw. Wears a ring of a snarling dog.
Hero in the army. His regiment was called Canem's Curs.
Van Vandeimen is a friend from then.
Father Justinian Cave, 6th. b 1755. d 1813.
Mother Maddalena d'Auria.
Older bro. Marcus Aurelius, b 1783. d 1811 "Mad Marcus".
Brother Christian Michelangelo, vicar, d 1813.
Brother Francis Angelo, b 1798, navy.

Seat Stours Court, Warwickshire, Greenshaw in Lancs, Ballykilneck in Cavan, Ireland.

Cave House, Hanover Square, London. Dates from Queen Anne.

Darien went to Harrow in 1805 and left in 1806 at 15 to join the army.
He was a few years behind the Rogues and difficult. He had a confrontation with Dare,
and Dare tagged him Cave Canem. Some morphed it into Dog Canem, and he hated Dare for that.

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