Hazard tells the story of Anne Peckworth and Race de Vere.
It opens in May 1816.

Anne appears at theatre on June 3rd.

Lady Anne Peckworth.
Fair, slight, club foot. Not shy, but quiet, sweet natured, clever, pretty.
2nd d of the Duke of Arran. Older is Caroline, younger Frances.
Duke is rotund and genial.
Duchess is clever and plain.
Duchess of Arran and Lady Middlethorpe are friends.
Older brother, Lord Uffham, b 1792.
Home, Lea Park, Wiltshire.

Racecombe de Vere.
Fine boned, languid, smokey blue eyes, mischievous.
Family home in Derbyshire. Shapcott Manor.
Was in the army and met Con Somerford there.
The de Vere storyline is complicated!

Antagonist, Jack Ralstone.

Hazard was first published on 1st May 2002 by Signet [9780451205803].
It was reprinted on 1st Jan 2006 [9780451217974]. [Both covers are shown at left]

More info on the book is available here: Hazard