Hazard was first published on 1st May 2002 by Signet [0451205804].
It was reprinted on 1st Jan 2006 [0451217977].
It became available as an e-book, 1st Feb 2006.
An audio edition was published by Recorded Books in 2003 on cassette [1402542038]; in 2003 on CD [ISBN unknown] no pic; and 18th Jun 2010 for download [9781449839444].

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You may have met Lady Anne Peckworth in Forbidden, being exquisitely polite after being jilted. You may have heard about her in The Dragon's Bride, being pitied from afar because another suitor found a woman he truly loved. Anne may have been the perfect lady once, but twice is her limit! Now she's angry, and to torment her further she has a mysterious, infuriating interloper called Race de Vere to turn her life upside down. And to tempt her to play hazard -- with dice, and with her heart.

"With a hero to die for and a heroine who teaches him that in the game of love you roll the dice and the winner takes all, HAZARD's masterful plot, engaging characters, snappy dialogue and passionate love story make it a "keeper." -- Romantic Times
"Historical romances don't get much better than this." -- All About Romance

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