Kitty Cateril

Heroine of The Viscount Needs a Wife.

Marries Beau Braydon, Viscount Dauntry.

Widow of Marcus Cateril, military hero.

Captain Marcus Edward Cateril [JB1] of the 29th. Hero of Roleia.

King Charles spaniel, Sillikin

Born and raised in Coventry, went to school in Leamington. School friend Ruth becomes Ruth Lulworth m. Andrew Lulworth, parson of Beecham Dabittot in Gloucestershire. Children Arthur and Maria.

Friend -- Scottish seamstress, Janet Saunders, lives in/near Moor Street.

Hires Miss Sarah Land to be maid. "A woman of forty-two who seemed to have a calm, competent way about her."