Began in distress because of the bad harvests of previous year. Britain better off than other nations, but the more remote areas have suffered, incl Ireland. 1817 harvest good.
Feb and June, suspension of habeas corpus.

8th, fog so thick in London that candles were being used.
Queen's birthday celebrated on 20th of Feb rather than 6th because of ill health. Actual birthday later.
27th, Duchess of Cumberland delivers a stillborn child.
28th, Regent opens Parliament. On his way home stones were thrown at his carriage and airguns may have been used.
Action against Algiers.

Secret cmt of House of Lords believes traitors are stirring trouble, referring back to Spa Fields in Dec 1816.
New silver coinage.
Georgianna Somerford, b 14th Feb 1817.

28th, Van and Maria have baby girl, Georgie.

2 miners riot in Somerset. Paulton and Radstock.
Francis Delaney, b 13th Mar, 1817.
22nd, first Almack's.

6th Easter.
New discoveries at Pompeii.
Regent's birthday celebrated on Apr 23rd, St George's Day instead of 12th Aug to support British industry.
Everyone was to attend court in clothing of British manufacture.
To Rescue a Rogue begins in last week in Apr [book says May].

1st, Mara to Covent Garden to see The Lady's Choice. A play teaching that a lady should bow to the will of her father when it comes to a husband.
3rd, Simon and Jancy in London, living in Marlowe House. Gas has been installed in the library for lighting and is leaking. They move in with Dare in Yeovil House. Mara goes too.
(Jancy just showing pregnancy)
4th, Mara et al to silk warehouse. (Sunday!)
Events come to a head in Lady Beware.
13th May, Lady Beware x at Dare's betrothal ball. (LB ends early Sep 1817)
Rogues present Con, Lucien, Simon, Nicholas (Van) Hal.

13th May, A Shocking Delight begins.

14th, Almack's and not the first. (Morning Chronicle)
14th, Dare and Mara go to Brideswell.
14th, Thea visits Eleanor, Eleanor feeding baby.
15th, Lady Wraybourne's musicale (on Thursday) Religious music. Boy's choir from the Abbey perform. Hawk Hawkinville is there. Lady Harroving.
Thea goes to two routs on the way - Mrs. Calford's a bit thin, but Lady Netherholt's is packed on the 15th.
16th, D of Y hosts dinner for Darien.
Theater - Stephen and Laura, Leander.
May ??th, Darien racing with Miles et al at Somers Town.
May ??th, Darien with Nicholas at a gathering of the Curious Creatures (sciences et al).
19th, Monday. Wyvern arrives in London.
20th, Tuesday, Wyvern to City. Meets Lucy. Lucy to Mayfair. David at tailors with Van.
21st, Almack's
22nd, manly gathering at Nun's Chase (LB) Roguish party at Nuns Chase hosted by St. Raven.
23rd, Wyvern intro to Thea by Darien at rout. (LB) She knows him slightly from home.
24th, Lady Harroving's masquerade. Thea and Darien there. Fight.
Lady Charrington's Ball. David and Lucy officially meet in A Shocking Delight.
24th, Thea at concert.
25th, Sunday.
24th, investigation of the Royal George, sunk 35 years before, by diving bell.
Discussed submarine warfare.
28th, Almack's.

Arabella Hurstman

4th, Almack's.
5th, motion re climbing boys in H of C select cmt set up.
9th, Wilberforce speaks out against countries still involved in the Slave Trade, esp Spain and Portugal.
Barbary pirates have been attacking in Atlantic and into Channel. RN saved some other nations' ships.
11th, Almack's.
18th, Almack's.
After 3 weeks at Long Chart Dare returns to Town to help Darien.
mid June, Darien presented to Regent.
Jun 24th, Mara and Dare marry on his birthday.
Wyvern is still in Town.
c 28th, Thea entangled with Maddy's elopement. Lady Beware.
Fri 27th, all the Rogues gather at Marlowe. Until then most have been around. End of To Rescue a Rogue. (timing messed up between TRAR and LB)
Sun 29th, the pig killed outside Darien's house.
Events come to a head in Lady Beware.

1st, sovereign announced 20 shillings.
All gold coins not up to specified weight not legal coinage.
11th, Regent held a court to receive a deputation from the Ionian Islands.
12th, Parl session closes.
17th, yacht the Royal George launched.
23rd, Last Almack's.


Too Dangerous for a Lady begins.

Too Dangerous for a Lady ends.

3rd, Queen to Bath to take the waters. House in Sydney Place.
5th, Charlotte's baby born dead.
6th, death of Princess Charlotte.
7th, The Viscount Needs a Wife begins.
7th, general mourning declared.
8th, Queen leaves Bath.
19th, Charlotte buried.
Merely a Marriage begins.

early - Kitty and Braydon to London.
25th, Everyone at Beauchamp Abbey.