The Rogue's Return

The Rogue's Return tells the story of Jancy Otterburn and Simon St. Bride.
It opens in Sep 1816.

Simon St. Bride, b 1791. Dark hair, hazel eyes.
Went to Upper Canada in 1813.
Mentor, Isiah Trewitt.

Family home, Brideswell, Monkton St. Bride, Dorset.
Simon, Rupert/Mary, Eleanor/George, Ademara (Mara) To Rescue a Rogue, Benjamin, Jennifer, Lucianne.

Father is heir to the earldom of Marlowe, whose heir is Viscount Austrey, seat is Marlowe a famously beautiful place, but cold.

Valet Threadman.
Groom/bodyguard Jacob White.

m Jane Anne Otterburn, b Jun 1799, Jancy, b Sep 1816.
father Archibald Otterburn.
Mother Martha Trewitt Otterburn.
Mother really a Haskett.

More info on the book is available here: The Rogue's Return