To Rescue a Rogue

To Rescue a Rogue tells the story of Mara St. Bride and Dare Debenham.
It opens in May 1817.

married Jun 24th 1817.

Dare Debenham (Darius) b 1790. "Daring Deb".
blond/sandy hair, humorous, lively.

2nd son of Duke of Yeovil.
Older brother is Lord Gravenham, worthy and solid.
Mother is Sarah.
Ducal seat is Long Chart, Dorset, between Dorchester and Sherbourne.
Town house, Yeovil House, Great Saint Charles Street, near St James.

Sister Lady Theadosia Debenham (Lady Beware).

Cousin Lady Bretton, 6 months pregnant in spring 1814.

More info on the book is available here: To Rescue a Rogue