Seduction in Silk

Sadly, Jo Beverley passed away in May 2016.

Seduction In Silk is her final book set in the Malloren World.
Seduction In Silk was first published on 1st Aug 2013 by Signet [9780451239457].
It became available as an e-book, 6th Aug 2013.
"A Rouge Regency Romance" e-book edition was published on 14th Aug 2013 by Ebury Digital in the UK and Australia.
An audio edition was published on 29th Nov 2022 by Tantor Media [9781666130645] for download only.

More info is available here:

A curse, a bachelor, and a spinster with a gun.

Perry Perriam has no time for marriage, but when he's named heir to Perriam Manor he must marry a stranger or his family will lose the ancient estate. There's a strange curse in the mix as well.

Claris Mallow has survived her parents' tormented marriage and even though she's living in a cottage on a very small income she has no intention of marrying anyone. She's even willing to make her point with a pistol!

Read an excerpt of this book here.

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