Malloren World

All about the Malloren World.

Compiled by Jo Beverley.

A work in progress.

This wiki contains data about my Malloren World romance novels, which are set in England in the 1760s. It's compiled mainly to pull together the complex notes from nearly 20 years of writing in this world to help as I write more books, but I'm making it public because it might be of interest to my readers. I'm including some period data as I come across it, and that might be of interest to other writers.

Have fun with it. I am!

Nota bene -- it contains details that will be spoilers if you haven't read the books.

[Note: The wiki was created in Dec 2010 and the last change was made in Aug 2013. Anyone could read the wiki, but it was never open to public editing. There was a discussion page, but only 10 reader comments were made -- the last in Aug 2011.

This is an archive of the wiki as it existed in May 2018. The format has been updated. Some corrections have been made. Missing links and more/better pics have been added. Broken links are shown in magenta.]
The Malloren World novels:
There are thirteen historical romances in the Malloren World series. The dates given are the original publication. Many have been reissued and they are all available in print and e-book.

The original series:
These books are about the Malloren family, all offspring of the 2nd Marquess of Rothgar.
1993 My Lady Notorious, Lord Cyn Malloren and Chastity Ware.
1995 Tempting Fortune, Lord Bryght Malloren and Portia St. Claire.
1997 Something Wicked, Fort, Earl of Walgrave and Lady Elf Malloren.
1999 Secrets of the Night, Lord Brand Malloren and Rosa Overton.
2000 Devilish, Bey, Marquess of Rothgar and Diana, Countess of Arradale.

The next two novels continue directly on from Devilish:
2003 Winter Fire, Rothgar's cousin the Marquess of Ashart and Genova Smith.
2005 A Most Unsuitable Man, Fitz Fitzroger, Ash's friend and Damaris Myddleton.

The Rakes Trilogy:
Three friends whose adventures intersect with the Malloren family affairs.
2008 A Lady's Secret, Robin, Earl of Huntersdown and Petra d'Averio.
2009 The Secret Wedding, Major Christian Hill and Caro Hill.
2010 The Secret Duke, the Duke of Ithorne and Bella Barstowe.
The Three Countesses Trilogy: (Which didn't quite turn out that way!)
Three loosely linked books which also intersect with the Malloren family in some way.
2011 An Unlikely Countess, Catesby Burgoyne and Prudence Youlgrave.
2012 A Scandalous Countess, Lord Dracy and Georgia Maybury.
2013 Seduction in Silk, Perry Perriam and Claris Mallow.

[Note: the following is a new addition, and was not part of the original wiki.

The Georgian novellas:
Jo wrote four short stories/novellas set in Georgian England; one of which was part of her "Malloren World":
1993 The Demon's Bride, in "Moonlight Lovers" [Georgian fantasy]
1996 The Determined Bride, in "Married at Midnight" [Georgian 1745]
2010 The Marrying Maid, in "Songs of Love & Death" [Georgian fantasy]
2013 Dare to Kiss, (ePub-only) [Malloren]

Sadly, Jo Beverley passed away in May 2016, so unless there's something lurking in her archives, there are no more Malloren tales to come...]