Something Wicked

Something Wicked was first published in on 1st Jul 1997 by Topaz [0451407806].
It was reissued on 1st Jan 2005 by Signet [0451213785].
It became available as an e-book, 1st Jul 2005.
An audio edition was published on 22nd Feb 2022 by Tantor Media [9781666154603] for download only.
[It is also her only book that has a Bulgarian edition ["neo-Georgian" cover at right]]

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Lady Elfled Malloren is restless. She doesn't see why her twin brother should have adventures while her life is so dull. So she plans something wicked. But what she has in mind is a trip to a Vauxhall masquerade. What she gets is an encounter with treason, a brush with death, and a night of passion with her family's most dangerous enemy.

Fortitude Harleigh Ware, Lord Walgrave has one purpose in life -- to destroy the Marquess of Rothgar. Until, that is, he meets an intriguing masked Frenchwoman called Lisette Belhardi...

"SOMETHING WICKED is a fantastic, fast-paced Georgian romance that is a masterpiece of writing as all of Jo Beverley's novels are. The story line is action-packed and loaded with intrigue, and the lead protagonists make a perfect "Romeo and Juliet"-like pair. Fans of English historical romance need to read this classy tale for a fabulous reading experience." -- Romex Reviews

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