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Malloren World novels
My Lady Notorious 1993 RITA
Tempting Fortune 1995
Something Wicked 1997
Secrets of the Night 1999
Devilish, 2000 RITA
Winter Fire 2003
A Most Unsuitable Man 2005
A Lady's Secret 2008 NYT
The Secret Wedding 2009 NYT
The Secret Duke 2010 NYT
An Unlikely Countess 2011 NYT
A Scandalous Countess 2012
Seduction in Silk 2013
Malloren World novella
Dare to Kiss 2013
Other Georgian novellas
The Demon's Bride 1993
The Determined Bride 1996
The Marrying Maid 2010

Rogues' World novels
An Arranged Marriage 1991
An Unwilling Bride 1992 RITA
Christmas Angel 1992
Forbidden 1994
Dangerous Joy 1995
The Dragon's Bride 2001
The Devil's Heiress 2001
Hazard 2002
St. Raven 2003
Skylark 2004
The Rogue's Return 2006
To Rescue a Rogue 2006
Lady Beware 2007
A Shocking Delight 2014
Too Dangerous for a Lady 2015
The Viscount Needs a Wife 2016
Merely a Marriage 2017
Rogues' World novella
The Demon's Mistress 2001
Rogues' World collection
Three Heroes 2004
Traditional Regency novels
Lord Wraybourne's Betrothed 1988
The Stanforth Secrets 1989
The Stolen Bride 1990
Emily and the Dark Angel 1991 RITA
The Fortune Hunter 1991
Deirdre and Don Juan 1993 RITA
Traditional Regency collection
Lovers and Ladies 2008
Traditional Regency novellas
If Fancy be the Food of Love... 1991
Jane Austen and the Mistletoe Kiss 2011
Other Regency novellas
Twelfth Night 1991
Lord Samhain's Night 1992
A Mummers' Play 1995
Forbidden Affections 1996
A Gift of Light 1996
The Christmas Wedding Gambit [2005]
Miss Brockhurst's Christmas Campaign 2012
Saint Agnes and the Black Sheep 2012
Miss Finch and the Angel 2015
Medieval novels
Lord of My Heart 1992
Dark Champion 1993
The Shattered Rose 1996
Lord of Midnight 1998
Medieval novellas
The Wise Virgin 1999
Day of Wrath 1999
The Raven and the Rose 2010
Fantasy novels
Forbidden Magic 1998
Vortex of the Mage, [unpublished]
SF and Fantasy novellas
The Fruit Picker 1988
The Lord of Elphindale 1998
The Trouble with Heroes 2004
The Dragon and the Princess 2007
Titania's Gift 2015
Collections of novellas
Mistletoe Kisses and Yuletide Joy 2013
Regency Valentines 2015
Faery Weddings 2015