Year 1765

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Events in the novels
Early in the year, George III not well. Possible mental problems. (In The Secret Duke)

Mar, An Unlikely Countess opens in Northallerton.
Jun, An Unlikely Countess ends.
Jun, Perry Perriam returns south.
Jun, Diana returns south.
Jun, Georgia Maybury returns to the world in A Scandalous Countess.
Sep, Seduction in Silk begins.

Major real world events of all kinds
Jean Grosley's "A Tour To London" covers 1765.
Mar, Stamp Tax brought in to pay for military defence of American Colonies.
Apr, king ill -- physically and perhaps mentally. Regency crisis.
Grosley "the king went to Parl on April 24th.. desired to be authorized to chuse guardians for his son etc."
Regency Act passed in May, but left much acrimony.
15th, King assents to the Regency Act.
17th, Spittalfields weavers attached Duke of Bedford's house in Bloomsbury Square.
Throughout May silk weavers from Spittalfields were marching for help.
25th, Parl prorogued until 11th Jul.
29th, Patrick Henry denounced Stamp Tax.
May, Silk weavers are rioting against importation of French silk. Other riots in London.
Jun 4th, King's birthday.
"The court made a brilliant appearance in the manufactures of Great Britain. Not a French dress was to be seen. That of the Countess of Northumberland, including jewels etc is said to have cost 150,000 pounds... The illuminations at the house of the Count de Guerchy, the French Ambassador, exceeded anything of the kind.." But a mischievous boy put a stone into a cannon that was to be used ornamentally, and a man's leg was shattered. Fireworks on Tower Hill.
Thu Jun 13th, the Board of Longitude met but refused to give Harrison the prize.
Tue Jun 25th, tickets for the lottery arrived at the bank.
Jul 4th, Proroguing of Parl. extended to Sep 17th.
Jul 16th, Grenville out, Marquess of Rockingham PM.
Very hot summer. Drought.
Report comes of heavily armed Spanish warships off Hispaniola.
English residents of Quebec complain of oppressive conduct.
Trouble between Britain and France in Canada, Fear of a new war.
Aug, various acts of unrest against the Stamp Act in America.
Fri 2nd, Violent hail storm in Kent. Sandridge?
3rd, boy killed by lighting on Hampstead Heath. Further north, corn destroyed, windows broken.
Mon 5th, riot in Saxmunden, Suffolk, destroyed the Industry House to set the inmates free and oppose the Act of Parliament. Military called in. Some died.
Mon 12th, birthday of Prince of Wales. Nobility attended their majesties at Richmond.
Wed 14th, a tiny mare from the East Indies was presented to P of W at Queen's House.
16th, 3:44 pm, eclipse of the sun, of two digits and lasted until 5.
Wed 21st, Queen has a boy, Prince William. Weather notably hot.
Wed 31st, Guerchy leaves for France.
Last two weeks in Aug, St Bartholomew's Fair. (Check when it shortened)
Mon 2nd, destruction of the bastions at Dunkirk has begun.
Sun 8th, king's wedding anniversary.
9th, Yorks and Brunswicks land at Harwich.
Tue 10th, grand court at Leicester House for Prince and Princess of Brunswick. Later dined with Princess Dowager of Wales at Carleton House.
A gentleman of plentiful fortune who was shortly to have married a young lady of 10,000 pounds, shot himself in the head. Cavendish Square.
Wed 11th, King prorogues Parl till Oct 14th.
Thu 12th, grand levee at York House, Dk of York. Cumberland present.
Levellers in Northamptonshire -- leveling the fences around enclosed land.
Soldiers sent to Newcastle to defend pits from striking miners.
Mon, Dukes of York and Gloucester at Tunbridge Wells, ball, racing etc.
20th, prince baptized.
Fri 29th, Prince William Henry baptised Grand court event, bonfires and booze for the public.
Issues with France and Spain re parts of the peace treaty not fulfilled. Fishing on the Grand Banks, French encroachments on the coast of Africa (raising the native population against the British), Dunkirk, and logwood cutters in Honduras.
Tue 1st, Tripoli ambassador presented king with manuscripts, animals etc.
Thu 24th, Parl met but was prorogued to Dec 17th.
Fri 25th, anniv of King's accession. Grand court.
26th, many fish dead on sandbanks on Thames because of heat.
28th, fire at Theobald's Court in the Strand. A number of houses burned.
Lord Mayor's Parade.
Stamp Act comes into effect.

Other Events

Ongoing problems with the Sugar Act and the Currency Act.
There's a large war debt to deal with. Therefore, Stamp Act, Window Tax, Excise Tax, malt tax, cider tax.
Unemployment is high. Trade is suffering.
summer, ministry in chaos largely triggered by the negotiations over the Regency Bill.
Discussion of Regency triggered by king's illness early in the year and puts king at odds with parliament and the government.
Sep, many visited Paris.
Electricity used to cure a woman made dumb by a shock.
The White Boys in Ireland.
Book supporting tax [broken link to].

Jan?, Castle of Otranto, Horace Walpole (reviewed in Jan 1765. Not then known to be by him. Poss. 1767 when it was published under his name.

James Watt steam engine.