Peregrine Perriam

Peregrine "Perry" Charles Perriam

About 5'8", brown hair with lights, blue eyes.

Friend of Catesby Burgoyne, who becomes Earl of Malzard in An Unlikely Countess.
Becomes friend of Cyn Malloren.

Also appears in A Scandalous Countess.

Hero of: Seduction In Silk. Heroine is Claris Mallow.

He's the height of elegance and fashion. Lives in London nearly all the time. Has extensive rooms in the Lyceum, St. James's, which is also known as the Knave's Palace.
Income comes from father and a number of sinecures.

Inherits Perriam Manor in Sep 1765.

Youngest son, about 2 years between them.

Perry called "Willoughby" out.

Valet: Auguste.