Perriam Manor

Perriam Manor

The filched estate. Feud began in 16th century. Cecily and Beatrice.


Tudor manor house on site of older house. The estate has been in the family since the 13th century. The manor was built in 1499. Nearby village is Perriam Green. About 100 people. Church lost its spire to lightning. Vicar Rightworthy.

Panelled nearly everywhere in oak turned dark. Massive wooden staircase with three landings. Heavily ornate plaster ceilings.

Library on ground floor. Modest size lit by two windows. Scantily filled shelves and musty smell. Long table in the middle.

Master bedroom -- oak bed, crimson hangings.

Housekeeper: Mrs. Everley.
Butler: Mr. Everley, both thin.
Cook: Mrs. Wilcock, plump.
Upper maid: Deborah, perhaps sly.

Estate mostly woodland. River with fish.
Home farm, The Bryants.