Perriam family

Family name of Earl of Hernescroft, first mentioned in An Unlikely Countess. Also in A Scandalous Countess and Seduction in Silk.

1765 Earl of Hernescroft, portly and autocratic.
Countess of Hernescroft, gaunt, powerful.

Heir, William Perriam, Viscount Pranksworth, b 1733.
(Wife Millicent) son 1760, son 1762, expecting spring 1765.
Rupert Pranksworth, in army, b 1734.
Arthur Perriam, navy, b 1736.
Peregrine Charles Perriam, Town man, b 1738 (27 in 1765).
Winifred Perriam, b 1743, m Viscount Thretford, daughter b May 1765, Charlotte.
Georgia Perriam, b August 1745. Married 1) 1761 Dickon, Earl of Maybury, 2) 1765 Lord Dracy.

The above is the Cicilian line, descended from Cicily Perriam.

The Beatrician line is descended from Beatrice.
Schism in 1541.
They own Perriam Manor.

1765 Giles Perriam dies without living issue. b 1718.
Old friend, Henry Mallow.
Giles ruined Clarrie Dunsworth in 1739.
Clarrie's sister. Dora, m Mallow in 1741.
Giles's family.
4 dead sons, one dead daughter Beatrice.
3 dead wives.
1) Louisa Forbes, heiress. b 1719 m 1739. dies 1746.
Giles, crib death 10 weeks 1740; Giles, fever 1741-1742; Giles, 3 fell off a balcony 1742-1746; Beatrice b 1743, d 1746; John, b&d 1745, six months old.
2) m Amalia Shaw-Cobham b 1725 m 1747 d 1753 Barren, died of smallpox.
3) Lydia Helmcock m 1754 d 1763 Three still births then suicide.

Giles's father, Giles was b 1697, d 1720 in riding accident, aged 23.
His father, Giles, was still alive, b 1667, dies 1735, aged 68. Other children were 2 daug, and 1 son, in navy. Died 1753.