Robin, Earl of Huntersdown

Robert Alexander (Robin) Fitzvitry, Earl of Huntersdown

b Jun 1739 as Lord Alconbury.
Became Earl in 1761.

Chestnut hair, sapphire eyes, androgynous beauty, 6' and lean.
"The ring had the patina of old, well-used gold. The design was curlicued, with a letter in the middle."

Father: Earl of Huntersdown.
Mother: French, b 1712.

Married: Petra d'Averio, acknowledged daughter of the 3rd Marquess of Rothgar.

  Easton Court Huntingdonshire.

  Secretary: Nantwich, young enthusiastic Oxford man, a curate's son.
  Groom/companion: Powick, middle aged, stolid, keeps Robin out of trouble.
  Valet: Fontaine, French, obsessed with clothing him elegantly.

Hero of A Lady's Secret.