3rd Marquess of Rothgar

Beowulf Arthur George Malloren, 3rd Marquess of Rothgar.

Beowulf Arthur George, b Rothgar Abbey, 1725.
Known as Bey to his family.
Became Marquess in 1744.
Tall, dark hair, dark grey eyes.
Wears ruby signet on right hand.
Later, diamond on his left, given by Diana.

Mother: Lady Augusta Trayce, Marchioness of Rothgar, d 1730.

Married: Diana, Countess of Arradale in 1763.

Petra d'Averio (paternity ascribed to another).
 Calliope, daughter, b Dec 1764.

 Boudica, Persian Gazelle Hound.
 Zeno, ditto, belongs to his brother Bryght.

Hero of Devilish.