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Jo Beverley's novels for e-readers

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All of my published novels are available as e-books, and can be found on your favorite e-book-seller site. There are links to the most-popular ones here on this page.

According to the publishers, all of my books are "available in print", but I have my doubts...
If you are having trouble finding a print copy of one of my books, try the Book Depository, which ships for free around the world.

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The Company of Rogues
The Malloren World
The Traditional Regency Romances
The Medievals
The Novellas

The Rogues' World Books

First, the Company of Rogues series, set in the Regency. All the books are now available in e-editions, so if you become hooked there's nothing between you and another fix!


(RITA finalist; Reader's Choice Award; Romantic Times Best Regency Novel; Bookrak bestseller.)
First publication, June 1991

Ruined through her vile brother's schemes, Eleanor Chivenham is in despair until she is offered rescue by marriage, but marriage to a charming rake with an infamous French mistress. Eleanor accepts, but she is determined to treat this arranged marriage with cool dignity. Once she meets Nicholas Delaney, however, her confidence in her ability to do that is shaken. Not only does he stir her senses and touch her heart, but she glimpses trouble and pain beneath the smooth exterior.

Nicholas is indeed troubled. Committed to serving his country by seducing secrets out of a French spy, he is then persuaded by his brother to marry the woman the earl has ruined. Are even his fabled abilities with women up to this task? To assist him, he gathers together again the schoolboy group he started years before, the Company of Rogues, but even they cannot protect Eleanor and Nicholas from the dark plots being woven around them. Plots that threaten not only their fragile marriage, but their lives.

In 1991 Romantic Times acclaimed An Arranged Marriage as "a splendid love story... This immensely appealing pair of lovers will utterly captivate readers, while Ms. Beverley's commanding ease with the Regency period provides a veritable feast of delight for the true connoisseur. Bravo!"

Read an excerpt of this book here.


(Winner: RWA RITA Award, Best Regency; Golden Leaf Award, Historical:Best Regency Romance, Romantic Times.)
First published, Feb. 1992

The Duchess of Belcraven committed a folly, and bore her husband another man's child. Only a third son, however, so all was patched over. Then the two older boys drowned, leaving disaster. Now, over twenty years later, the duke discovers that he has a daughter, a child of his blood, and he compels the two to marry -- the arrogant ducal heir, devastated to learn for the first time that he is illegitimate; and the independent schoolteacher raised in the principles of the Rights of Women. Is there any common ground at all?

"Ms. Beverley is a storyteller par excellence, whose vivid and mesmerizing characters totally engage all the reader's emotions... topnotch Regency reading pleasure." Romantic Times.

Read an excerpt of this book here.


(Reader's Choice Award, Best Regency. Waldenbooks, bestselling Regency)
First published November 1992

Leander, Lord Charrington has a problem. Raised to be a charming diplomat, women fall in love with him. He, however, seems unable to fall in love with them. For wife, therefore, he wants a woman he can live with on honest terms, and an impoverished widow seems ideal. Judith Rossiter thanks heaven for this escape from disaster. But can she keep to the terms of their agreement and not fall in love with her charming husband?

A "splendid new Regency novel by one of the genre's most gifted storytellers... a beautifully complex love story that will become a treasured addition to every Regency connoisseur's shelf." Romantic Times.

Read an excerpt of this book here.


The death of her husband has freed Serena Riverton from life as an abused sex-object, but now her brothers plan to force her into another similar marriage. Fleeing, she is helped by Francis, Lord Middlethorpe. A passionate encounter leaves her pregnant, but no keener on marriage than before. He is virtually committed to marrying a sweet-natured lady. They marry anyway, and struggle to make something of their lives amid the disapproval of all around them.

"Nobody does Regency better than Jo Beverley, and this latest tale adds to the argument that she may just be the best." Rendezvous.
"Ms. Beverley breaks just about every rule in the book and makes us beg for more in this enthralling love story. A fabulous dreamspinner, Ms. Beverley is well on her way to becoming one of the great names of the romance genre." Romantic Times.

Read an excerpt of this book here.


First published, November 1995

Miles Cavanagh just wants to be in the Shires hunting, but instead he is unwilling guardian to a twenty-year-old heiress. He hopes this will be merely a symbolic position, but that's before he discovers that Felicity Monahan is hell-bent on marrying a fortune-hunting wretch. And before he begins to fall in love with her.

Despite her own growing love for Miles, Felicity has excellent reasons for her choice. Miles is determined to thwart her. Equal in will and ruthlessness, they are soon on a course that is dangerous indeed.

"... a smashing book: fast paced, tense and compelling, with a touch of Irish magic." GEnie Romance Exchange

Read an excerpt of this book here.


Note: the omnibus edition Three Heroes includes: The Dragon's Bride, The Devil's Heiress and The Demon's Mistress novella, and is much cheaper than buying the stories individually.


Note: the omnibus edition Three Heroes includes: The Dragon's Bride, The Devil's Heiress and The Demon's Mistress novella, and is much cheaper than buying the stories individually.


This contains: The Dragon's Bride, The Devil's Heiress and The Demon's Mistress novella, which are about three friends.
Where to buy HAZARD e-book:
    Amazon US     Amazon Canada     Amazon UK     Amazon Australia

The Malloren World Books

Next up, the Malloren World series, set in the Georgian period in England. All the books are available in e-editions.


(Winner: RWA RITA Award, Historical.)


(Winner: RWA RITA Award Historical.)

The Traditional Regencies

The Traditional Regencies are, obviously, set in the Regency period in England. These were the first of my books to be published. All of them are now available in e-editions.


Containing The Fortune Hunter and Deirdre and Don Juan.


This is a UK only edition.


(Winner: RWA RITA Award Regency.)
This is a UK only edition.

The Medieval Romances

These are set in the period between 999 AD and 1101 AD in England. All of them are available in e-editions.

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