Bits and Pieces

Not everything I write ends up in regular print. Sometimes I make false starts. Sometimes I have to edit out scenes that are quite good, but inappropriate. There's even my teenage effort at writing a medieval romance. You never know! Sometimes I just write something wacky for amusement. From time to time I will put some of these up here.

Scenes cut from Secrets of the Night.
When I wrote Secrets of the Night, I eventually realized that Rothgar and Diana were taking too much attention so I had to cut some scenes. These are things that really happened. You just didn't see them in the book. These have been linked to from Rothgar's page for a while, but in case you didn't see them there, here they are.

False beginnings to Winter Fire.
An early attempt.
I wrote this short story as an entry to a contest before I was published. Those of you who have read An Unwilling Bride will detect seeds of that story here.

A free Christmas stories. The Christmas Wedding Gambit.
This was written for the fun of it. It also has a small connection to my novel, The Rogue's Return
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