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The February 2008 edition of the newsletter.

Not such a scenic sea view as I shared in November, but are those snow giraffs walking across the water?
In fact, it's snow on the distant mountains, but it was a puzzling image for a moment.


I know itís deep winter for many of you, but spring is springing here in British Columbia. Sunshine has returned Ė enlivened by occasional hail, but there you are Ė and more promising, birds are caroling in that particularly potent way that suggests theyíre planning to mate. The optimists. We could still get snow.

But the hints of spring cheer me up immensely. They also awake me to the fact that itís 2008, and that a twelfth of that year has already disappeared into the past. Yikes! It also means that A Ladyís Secret is zooming closer. Itís an April release, but that means it could appear on a shelf near you in late March, which really isnít that far away.

So Iíve shaken off the winter doldrums enough to put up a longer piece on the web page --- the whole of chapter one, in fact. Click here.

And donít forget that April also sees the reissue of two of my traditional regencies in Lovers and Ladies --The Fortune Hunter and Deirdre and Don Juan. DADJ won a RITA award. I think the two books will make an interesting juxtaposition for those of you who like to analyze, as this year marks the 20th anniversary of my first book, Lord Wraybourneís Betrothed. The two books above are a little later, but are in the same sub genre, a type of book that was very popular back then, put out by a number of publishers. And now, alas, it has disappeared from major publisher lists. This is a bit strange with everything Austen being all the rage, as they are closer to Austen than the more popular Regency historical.

Many of you will have read these books, though I hope youíre looking for a new copy. Theyíve certainly been hard to find for a long time. For the rest of you, I have put up the first chapters, so you can get a taste.
Excerpt from The Fortune Hunter.
Excerpt from Deirdre and Don Juan.

What am I working on now? Another Malloren World book. It features Christian, Major Lord Grandiston, who appears in A Ladyís Secret as a military friend of Robin Fitzvitryís. But he has secrets, too. In fact Iím thinking of calling this book A Lordís Secret, but would that mean the third book would have to be A Dukeís Secret? Does the Duke of Ithorne have a secret? If so, he hasnít let it slip yet.

Since the last newsletter, Iíve put up a few interesting historical bits on Minepast.

Donít forget Word Wenches. Itís my blog day again on Wednesday, 6th, so if you get this in time, drop by and talk about language in history. Iíll be giving away an Advance Reading Copy (bound page proofs) of Lovers and Ladies, but not just to a randomly picked commenter. This time my guest and I will choose the person who asks the most interesting question, or comes up with the most intriguing word for discussion, or who makes the most interesting observation. In other words, it will be completely subjective, but the book will go to the person I think made the most enlivening contribution. Other Wenches and guests regularly give away books, so become a regular there. To visit Word Wenches, click here.

February, of course, is the month when the media discovers romance novels exist -- but alas, rarely treats them with respect. If you see any coverage, praise it if it's good and perhaps point out the idiocies if there are any. You might also want to support the genre by responding. All media thrives on feedback. It means someone is reading or listening! So if romance readers everywhere write comments or letters, or phone in to a show, they might begin to believe that the genre is indeed the most popular form of popular fiction.

All joy, always,


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