The Devil's Heiress

The Devil's Heiress tells the story of Clarissa Greystone and George Hawkinville. It opens in Jun 1816, at Van and Maria's (The Demon's Mistress) wedding in Hawk in the Vale.

Clarissa Greystone, first appearance in An Unwilling Bride.
b 1796, Aug?
Nearly 20 at beg.
Attended Miss Mallory's School in Cheltenham, taught by Beth Armitage (An Unwilling Bride).
serious minded.
Long face, wide mouth, gingery hair,
betrothed against her will to Lord Deveril, b 1769.
His house in Grosvenor Square.
Found dead in a warren off St Giles.
Father, Sir Peter Greystone.

2 brothers, Simon at Oxford.

m George Hawkinville, "Hawk".
honey brown hair, cornflower blue eyes, tall and strong.
Born and raised at Hawkinville Manor, in Hawk in the Vale, 6 miles from Brighton.
His father is squire, now crippled by a seizure.
Father, Captain John Gaspard had married Sophronia Hawkinville, taking the family name and becoming squire.

His father becomes Lord Deveril and inherits Gaspard Hall.
Child, Apr 1817.

By May 1817, Hawk has a knighthood. London house at 32 Peel Street.

The Devil's Heiress was first published on 1st Aug 2001 by Signet [9780451202543].
It was reprinted on 1st Jan 2006 [9780451217967].
It is also available as part of "3 guys called George" in the omnibus edition "Three Heroes" by NAL [9780451212009] 1st Jun 2004.
[All three covers are shown below]

More info on the book is available here: The Devil's Heiress