Merely a Marriage

Sadly, Jo Beverley passed away in May 2016. This is her 41st and "final" book -- it was completed shortly before she died, and published posthumously on 30th May 2017.

Merely a Marriage tells the story of Ariana Boxstall and Titus Delacorte (Kynaston).
It opens in Nov 1817.

Author's Note:

If you read my 2016 book, THE VISCOUNT NEEDS A WIFE, you'll already understand how deeply the tragic death of Princess Charlotte affected everyone, each in their own way. Ariana sees the chanciness of life, even for the young; Kynaston's trauma over his wife's death is exacerbated.

Fans of the Company of Rogues will have noticed that neither Ariana nor Kynaston are Rogues, but will have spotted the Rogues World connections.

Ariana is a friend of Hermione Faringay, who was Hermione Merryhew, sister of a Rogue. Her story is TOO DANGEROUS FOR A LADY, and there we meet Edgar Peake. The Dowager Countess of Cawle is a recurring character brought in to use her social influence, being connected to Rogue, Hal Beaumont.

More elusively, the Duke and Duchess of Belcraven and the Duke and Duchess of Yeovil are both parents of Rogues, so we know why they turned up to support Ariana. (Lucien, Marquess of Arden - AN UNWILLING BRIDE - is the heir to Belcraven; Lord Darius Debenham -- TO RESCUE A ROGUE - is a younger son of the Yeovils).

More info on the book is available here: Merely a Marriage

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