Roger Merryhew

Roger Merryhew, b 1789. Brother of Hermione Merryhew

Dragon's Bride -- Described as Roger Merryhew, navy, in author's note.
Also there, Con's best friend at school.

Unwilling Bride -- in army, died of wounds at Corunna.

Forbidden -- in list of Rogues in author's note, Captain Lord Roger Merryhew died in Peninsula.

Therefore, he was Captain Lord Roger Merryhew in the army and died at Corunna, 1809, aged 20. Young to be a captain, but ob. valorous.

Son of Marquess of Carsheld, seat in Northumberland, but neglected. Family based on estate in Hampshire. Quite poor. Mother was Charlotte Peake and didn't bring much of a dowry. She died 1813, he died 1815.

Hugh, Lord Parstowe b 1785, Appollonia (Polly) b 1791, Roger b 1789, Hermione b 1794.
Roger died 1809, Hugh, 1814.
Cousin Porteous Merryhew, inherited title and estate. He's pompous but also rather nervy and unpredictable. Also physically unattractive though he doesn't realize that.

Hermione went to live with Polly.

Polly m Sir William Selby and though it's a love match she's a bit peeved at marrying low. They live in Sedley Hall, Holmfirth, Yorkshire, near Huddersfield. There's not a lot of money, so she's keen to butter up great-uncle Henry Peake, a nabob, who's recently returned to England and lives in Wallasey.

They have three children, Billie b 1812 (5) Roger b late 1814 (2) and Henrietta b 1816 (6 months in March 1817).